Group values


The Wang Group strives to foster honesty, accountability, reliability, independence, and self-respect in order to train world-class scientists who are responsible citizens in both our lab and community.


We believe that integrity and self-motivation are critical qualities of a successful researcher. We prioritize clear communication skills and openness to collaboration and seek to train members of the scientific community who can think critically and develop impactful ideas.


We recognize that we all have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. As a group we strive to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, and accepting environment where all are respected. We will be supportive of each other and try to keep a positive attitude and a sense of humor, even when science is hard.


It is our obligation to remove unjust barriers that prevent individuals from entering STEM fields. We strive to develop an inclusive and accepting environment and to support those from backgrounds and groups underrepresented, underserved, or exploited by the scientific community. We recognize this as an ongoing commitment and we will continue to seek ways to improve and educate ourselves to better support all members of our chemistry community.